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Our Solution

Our goal is to walk through life challenges together and offer support as the Accountability Partner for positive change.   We use self-centered, self-interested, self-directed and self-care practices such as movement, life coaching,  and storytelling/sharing to support individuals, families, and communities.


The Power of Movement will help:

  • Gain focus (meditation, visualization, mindfulness)

  • Heal the mind/body split

  • Explore the body and mind connection

  • Build coping skill

  • Prosper despite trauma/drama 

  • Move through uncomfortable emotions

Life Coaching will help:

  • Develop new skills

  • Capitalize on your strengths

  • Overcome weaknesses

  • Expand your comfort zone

  • Improve your thinking

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Tap into your inner strengths

  • Clarify your goals and priorities

  • Develop empowering habits and rituals

  • Self-compassion

  • Realize your resilience

  • Build positive self-talk

  • Develop a clear sense of purpose

Sharing Stories will help:

  • Transcend boundaries

  • Construct new narratives from devastating events

  • Access lost wisdom

  • Eliminate feeling of confusion 

  • Let go of past pain

  • Develop future goals 

  • Rewrite your narrative

  • Focus on gratitude

  • Hear others people stories

  • Connect with others

  • Break norms and traditions

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