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Ministry Playlist - Gospel Bible Study

A New Way into Your Soul!

The new wave of Bible study, Ministry Gospel Playlist! A ministry listening explosion. Let the message in the music lead you to the Bible, let it speak to your mind, body, heart, and soul like never before.  The order of healthy relationships God, Self, family, and others! Let's order our steps together at any interval of purpose.


Music Study

The Gospel Artist Feeding into your

Soul! We reference to scripture, and we give devotion to His word!

Image by Samantha Sophia

The Message

The Song and Purpose Connection!


We Bible Study Together!

Ownership of Spirituality

Believing in Something Greater! Higher!

Take Control of Your Spirituality!

Image by Ian Stauffer

Godly Strength

All Religions Believe in Faith, Love, Peace, and Prosperity!

Image by Yulya Korban

Bible study guided in the songs' message of reference and reverence!

Neo-Soul Music Coaching

Develop a New Soul! Do it Differently!

The neo-soul coaching approach is restoring life and its consciousness!  Regain new strength and energy for life purpose! Learn to breathe new life back into your life and space!

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 7.59.21 PM.jpg

Music Artistry

New Wave in a Painful World!

What sounds soothes and feeds the Soul!

Image by Jared Rice

Neo-Soul Meditation

Attack your Mindfulness of Thinking & Being!

The Neo-Soul Artist

Diverse Genres roll into One!

Musician Silhouette

Leadership &  Relationship Coaching

Leadership is a Behavior not a Title or Position!  

Building Healthy Relationships are Important!


Image by Levi Guzman

Coaching Process

Do it Differently

Working through the coaching process of Signature Coaching and Growth Development! You can overcome the hurdles and behaviors holding you back! Discover the potential you have to make important changes in your life!

Leadership Development

Leverage Your Strengths

Step back and gain clarity on new approaches to Leadership Development. Understand that leadership is a behavior not a title. Explore the barriers holding you back and learn effective leadership skills that will enable you to lead your life to fulfilment.

Leadership Skills

Coaching Program

Do it Differently

Conversational Coaching Programs

Leverage Your Strengths

Signature Coaching & Growth Development (SC&GD) offers professional and personal coaching designed packages for individuals and groups.  We offer a six (6) or twelve (12) week program that focus on self needs with life challenges and struggles.  SC&GD is an accountability partner that guides and pushes people to highest potential. Utilization of faith will guide the conscience steps.   "Faith is the things we cannot see; but believe in and know all things are possible!" 

Individual Program

Signature Coaching & Growth Development work 1:1 with individuals to develop a strict strategic plan of action for desired goals quickly.  The program's first approach is to introduce or re-introduce the individual to Self.  The work begins with self!  The program goes through a rigorous process to get individuals ready for their desire outcome by doing the required work.  Individual program will also participate in group session with like-minded clients.

Group Program

Signature Coaching & Growth Development work in group forum and dynamics to develop a strict strategic plan of action for desired goals quickly.  Group sessions held in-person, virtual forum (Zoom) and/or live group sessions with client participation, Q&A, HW, and Ask SC&GD segments.  Group forums are interactive participation with liked minded, liked challenged, liked experiences, liked disruptions, liked desires & goals, to name a few.  Group forums allows for self-disclosures and the ability to hear from others.  Group forums allow for sharing stories and aide with learning from our neighbor. 

Business Solutions

Achieve your professional and personal goals with Signature Coaching & Business Solutions. Our services include human resources services, soft skills training, career and college prep, resume building, interview preparation, business plan development, and assistance with creating brochures, newsletters, presentations, flyers, and invitations. Our personalized coaching and expertise will help you become a successful leader while building strong relationships with others. Let us help you take your business to the next level. Contact us today for a consultation.

Ministry Playlist Program

Take a new approach to Bible Study, Signature Coaching & Growth Development shares scripture through gospel song study.  We build our spiritual strength together through the sharing of gospel songs.  We reference song back to our bibles, we study the song's message, we let the music resonate our souls, we strengthen our faith to positive beings, places, and spaces. Let's bible study together through music for healing the mind, body, soul split on Sunday evenings.  It is a fun experience! 

Corporate Engagement

Signature Coaching & Growth Development partners with leaders and organizations to work with their employees individually or in group forum to develop a strategic plan of action for desired goals quickly.  Leaders and organizations partners with SC&GD to identify the coaching program or speaking engagement that fit the working environment and organizational structure and culture.  Our corporate engagement coaching program offer services as follows:

  • Equity and Inclusion

  • Employee Relations

  • HR Services and Programs

  • Leadership Development

  • Work Environment Assessments

  • Roundtable Discussions

  • Mediation Services

  • Employee Engagements & Moral Boosters

Cost for programs is designed based on need and budget!

Speaking Engagements

Image by Jason Goodman

Reintroduce Self - My Story

Let me introduce or reintroduce Self!

Everyone has a story to tell!

Meaningful Relationships

Focus on a healthy relationship with self that transforms to healthy relationships with others.

Conversation Between Colleagues
Image by Christina @

Masculinity Segment

The power of men "Kings"! Focus and perspectives of Men!

Femininity Segment

The power of women "Queens"! Focus and perspectives of Women!

Hosted Events

We Create the Experience

Our hosted speaking engagements, social events and gatherings are for "Self-Care" enjoyment and "Mindset Change"!

 Made to inspire, influence, and motivate individuals' lives for transformational change, professional. and personal growth DIFFERENTLY!

Two Women Speaking

Social Gathering

Photo ShoP

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